Athletes come in every size, shape, gender and age. The injuries they incur are varied, and the optimum treatments of these injuries are often influenced by other variables. For example, a dialysis patient who exercises needs the expertise of a nephrologist, who understands the demands of different types of sports. From the interaction of the nephrologist and an exercise physiologist, the best research questions and designs are achieved. As a result, sports medicine research, at its best, should be informed by all areas of medicine as they relate to physical activity. At NISMAT, we employ a multidisciplinary research team including orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, cardiologists, nephrologists, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, biomechanists, medical engineers and athletic trainers. Our research encompasses such areas as randomized clinical trials in orthopedic sports medicine, injury epidemiology, as well as basic and applied research in nutrition, physiology and biomechanics.