VO2max Testing

Cycling or Running Evaluation

This test provides an excellent measure of cardio-respiratory fitness, using the Parvo Systems metabolic cart. This is the same system as is used by the U.S. Olympic team, and is renowned for its accuracy and reliability. Our staff has performed thousands of VO2max tests, including on world class runners, gymnasts, basketball players and professional hockey teams.

VO2max testing can be used to assess your starting fitness level or to monitor increases in fitness as you train. In addition, this test can also determine your Anaerobic Thresholds (AT), or Ventilatory Thresholds. These thresholds are very useful guides for optimizing your training by identifying the level of exercise you can maintain comfortably for long periods of time. Both the ventilatory and respiratory compensation thresholds are determined by measuring exhaled gases as you exercise. The higher the intensity, the more CO2 you produce, due in part to anaerobic metabolism and production of lactic acid.

We can help you design training programs using the values we have measured, not estimated, during your testing. Testing can be done on a bike or a treadmill.

Including warming up prior to the test and post-test consultation, the session should take approximately 60 minutes.

What to bring

Runners should bring running shoes or even racing flats, shorts and tee shirt.

Cyclists will be riding a cycle ergometer with flat pedals and cages, you will not be able to clip in.


VO2max bike or treadmill test: $250