With over 40 years of experience, encompassing over three quarters of a million patients of all age levels and proficiency, NISMAT has acquired a wealth of valuable information in the treatment and prevention of athletic injury. From common ailments like lower back pain, tennis elbow and shin splints, to post-operative care for shoulder surgery or rehab after ACL repair, this section provides clear, simple instructions of how to best deal with a current injury. Of course this is not meant to be in lieu of treatment by a physician, but is offered here as a guide to help you help yourself. And of equal importance, for those who are currently uninjured and wish to remain so, NISMAT offers a wide range of excellent training tips and exercise programs that will stretch and strengthen your body, which are critical factors in reducing the likelihood of trauma. We are also pleased to bring you some of the most up to date information on both the physiological and nutritional components of fitness. Here, you’ll find a muscle physiology primer as well as guidelines for an optimal diet and information about some of the most popular-and controversial-supplements used by athletes today.