Founded in 1973, NISMAT is the first hospital-based institute dedicated to sports medicine in the United States. One of unique attributes of NISMAT is that in addition to its ongoing research efforts, it is also a very active teaching and treatment center. In fact, to date, over three quarters of a million patients have passed through the doors of NISMAT, benefiting from our state of the art rehab technology and incisive medical expertise. This vastly informed knowledge base has empowered NISMAT to make numerous breakthrough contributions to the field of sports medicine, including:

  • Scholarly, scientific, and multidisciplinary approaches to the treatment of athletic injuries
  • The recognition of sports medicine as a multidisciplinary field
  • The inclusion of sports medicine as part of orthopedic training, now mandatory for all orthopedic residency programs
  • The Lenox Hill derotation brace for the unstable knee, currently one of the most widely used braces for knee instability in the world
  • The Nicholas Manual Muscle Tester (MMT), a portable hand-held device for measuring muscle strength

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