Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

At NISMAT, the clinical goal is to return the injured professional and recreational athlete to his or her chosen sport or exercise quickly, with the least possible risk of re-injury. NISMAT specialists treat these injured athletes with an approach that merges the demands of the specific sport and the problems of the athlete with the latest sports medicine research.

Clinical Services

NISMAT offers a comprehensive clinical program for treatment of acute and chronic injuries to bones, joints and soft tissue caused by participation in sports or exercise.
The patients’ first visit to NISMAT begins with an evaluation of their entire medical history, muscle strength and flexibility as well as other important performance factors. If warranted, maximum oxygen consumption measurement, combined with an electrocardiogram stress test, is performed on a treadmill, bicycle, rowing machine or upper body ergometer. Body composition is also estimated.

Based on the test results, NISMAT staff designs an individually tailored program of therapy aimed first at relieving pain and decreasing the effects of injury. Next, to restore the body’s coordination, agility and endurance, the program focuses on:

Muscular and skeletal reconditioning, which may involve weight training, and Cardiovascular reconditioning, which may involve stationary biking, rowing, running, walking and cross-country skiing, as well as aquatic treadmill training. Once the patients are ready to return to their regular activities, they are provided with information and programs on how to protect themselves against future injury.