Engineering Consultant

The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), Manchester, England.
B.Sc. (Honors), Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 1973.

U.M.I.S.T., Manchester, England.
M.Sc., Digital Electronics and Computer Engineering, 1974.

The University of Manchester, England.
Ph.D., Thesis in Artificial Intelligence, 1978.

Professional Memberships
1981 M.B.C.S. Member of the British Computer Society.

1982 M.I.E.E Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

1982 C.Eng. Chartered Engineer, U.K. (U.S. equivalent is P.E.)

1986 Founding Member of the Society for Urology and Engineering.

1990 Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (A.C.M.)

1991 Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (I.E.E.E.)

Professional/Research Interests
Natural language processing and understanding by machine, particularly automatic translation. Artificial Intelligence. Expert systems. Biomedical engineering including gait analysis, image analysis and biometrics. Computer Architecture. Data compression and transmission.